President: Mary Barnett, RN, CRRN, CCM is a nurse who has coordinated the Brain Injury Program at Casa Colina Hospital and has been involved in virtually all aspects of rehabilitation. She has been a case manager for Casa Colina as well as a program coordinator for Pulmonary Care Continuum at Pomona Valley Hospital and the Respiratory Institute in Pomona. She is now the coordinator of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs at City of Hope Cancer Center. She has been president of the Southern California division of the California Society of Pulmonary Rehabilitation. She has authored several articles on rehabilitation. She is the founder of the Breathing Buddies Support Group co-sponsored by Respiratory Institute, Pomona Valley Hospital and Sierra Home Care. She is a graphics artist, photographer and videographer. She is a pilot of her own Cessna 172 with over 1000 hours logged. 





Medical Director: Brian L Tiep, MD is a physician, inventor and medical systems designer specializing in chronic lung disease. He is currently the program designer and medical director of the Respiratory Disease Management Institute in Pomona and Monrovia, CA. He is director of pulmonary rehabilitation at City of Hope Cancer Center. He is Associate Professor at Western University of Health Science in Pomona, CA. As an inventor, Dr. Tiep has created several patented designs for the detection and treatment of pulmonary disorders, including the vest pneumograph, respiratory sounds monitor, non-invasive intrathoracic pressure monitor, respiratory biofeedback equipment and several oxygen delivery devices. He is the inventor of the Oxymizer Pendant and Oxymatic conservers. He originated the idea of an oxygen concentrator that refills portable oxygen cylinders. He wrote the first textbook on oxygen therapy and oxygen conserving methodology. He is presently serving on the American Thoracic Society – European Respiratory Society Standards Committee for Diagnosis and Management of COPD, chairing the oxygen subcommittee, co-chairing website development section, and participating in the disease management section. He is also a medical animator. Dr. Tiep is a violinist, violist and mandolinist performing with the Czardas Trio: a musical group which also includes his daughter, Rebeca; and guitarist, Gary Ibarra. He has been is a member of the Los Angeles Mandolin Orchestra and the Los Angeles Mandolin Quartet. His other passions include mountain running and mountain biking.





Therapist: Richard Murray, RN, RRT is a respiratory therapist and nurse who has extensive experience in pulmonary rehabilitation, sleep medicine, durable medical equipment, and oxygen therapy. He is the owner of Sierra Home Care, a home medical equipment supplier. He co-sponsored the initiation of the Respiratory Disease Management Institute within the Sierra Home Care facility in Pomona. He is a regular lecturer at the Breathing Buddies Support Group.




Graphics Artist & Projects Manager: Rebeca Pacas is a graphics artist, musician, and photographer.  She is the designer behind this website, as well as graphics and animation designer and editor for Dr. Tiep's publications and presentations.  She assists Dr. Tiep with his inventions, and is involved with design and testing of his devices on patients.  She is also a violinist and mandolinist with extensive performing and teaching experience. She began studying violin before she was 3 years old & mandolin at age 7.  She performed with the Los Angeles Mandolin Orchestra at age 8, performed with the Citrus College orchestra at age 9, with the Claremont Young Musicians Orchestra at age 11, the Disney Young Musicians Orchestra at age 12, and with the LA Philharmonic High School Honors Orchestra during their inaugural and second years. She studied Scottish fiddling with Alasdair Fraser at the Valley of the Moon Camp at age 9.  She has performed with her father for many professional medical meetings and patient support groups since she was 5 years old. She went on a European Tour with the Claremont Young Musicians Orchestra where she performed as a soloist.  She studied for two seasons at Arrowbear Music Camp where she was concertmaster of the orchestra.  She studied at Occidental College and San Jose State University where she was also concertmaster.  She has taught violin and mandolin at two private schools and teaches privately as well.  She currently performs with her father, Dr. Tiep, in the Czardas Trio, as well as with her husband Dennis, who plays guitar.  


Respiratory Disease Management Institute

and its Principals

We are an institute as well as a doctor’s office and research facility, specializing in the lifetime care of patients with chronic lung diseases. 
These diseases include COPD, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis,  and other chronic lung diseases.